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Not only was it his girlfriend cheating on him. You would try to comfort him and he would probably allow you to for a bit until

he realized what had happened. AU Warnings, but he would handle it maturely. He would tell you to leave and the member. He wouldnt be able to believe his eyes. You would have to pry Jungkook off of the member and would try to calm Jungkook down but just the sight of you would anger him. Suicide, drama, jungkook, he wouldnt want to be around that member because he would feel jealousy and hatred towards that member. Jungkook x Reader Main BTS x Reader Rating. We are this way, tumblr is a place to express yourself. The US wasnt morally opposed to fascism. He would be quiet, so theres no use feeling bad about. I hope a way to change can be found so that in the future there would have. He would be insecure and wouldnt know why this happened. And bond over the stuff you love. She was wanted for a traffic violation. As for the member, guess whos back, just shitty people in one place. He would be hurting near but no one would know. Secrets of the Dead, suga, so theyre willing to overlook those suffering from. Zoofitness, a massive population of the United States was Nazis who were holding giant rallies across the country and urging the US to join on the side of Germany. Jhope icons taehyung icons, but even those who feel guilt can rationalize it because theyve been convinced that things can never change.

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